Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Speech class speech

This is my personal speech I had to do at our speech club yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Coleen McMurray really inspired me to do apologetics. Oh yeah Victoria did really good introducing the platform speeches. These were the only two classes I went to, so sorry to everyone else. HA

Hello my name is Alex Goldman I am 14yrs old. I was born in this very town Grants Pass around 2:00p.m. I was 8lbs. 15oz. True to my nature I came out completely different from what was expected. I don't remember much of growing up, and some of it I haven't lived through yet. One memory I have is waking up in the middle of my nap and for some reason I could not find my parents. After some careful inspection and consumption of things in the refrigerator I set off down our mile dirt road to the neighbors to look for them there. I was only 3 years old and wearing only a t-shirt! I got to the neighbors house and explained my predicament. He took me inside his house and set me on the couch (his dog kept jumping up and licking me). Eventually he spotted my parents and took me over to their car and explained the astounding take of my unsuccessful quest to find my parents. Pages and pages of stories like these could be recorded about me but not now. Am a God fearing Christian boy. I weigh 130 lbs. and am 5ft 6in tall depending if I spike my hair or not. My favorite things to do are exploring, cracking my whip, bike riding, climbing trees, running, playing soccer, studying theology, and especially playing fiddle on stage. As for the future I know nothing of it but I expect much of it. I hope to be an influential Christian musician, with a visible love for the Lord, and a witness to the music world. Well, that's the summary of my life, what I once was, what I am now, and what I wish to be.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

The longest post I've ever done!

Me and lil' sis Murren.Above:My hand/Fiddle.
Below:all of the following are pictures from MooGrass, which is a festival in Tillamook.
Above: Luke/banjo,Ellie/fiddle(my arch rival),Clyde/mandolin,Nickie/bass,not sure about the other two.

Cassie/fiddle,Paul/guitar,and don't ask who the others are.

Mason here is like a second grandpa, he goes to most of the festivals we go to and never gets away without a hug. He was the MC for the festival.
I must say this was a thrilling experience, Dewgrass (that's the name of their band) allowed me to play a couple songs on stage with them! Ever since I met Jake and Luke I've looked up (and down) to them.

This was during an awesome jam session. Starting from right to left,Emily/guitar, Jamin/bouzouki, Monique/fiddle (you can just barley see her bow),Erin/bass,Greg/guitar(in Grey ball cap),? /guitar, Nick/mando, Luke/banjo,ME/fiddle,Jake/guitar,?,?,Katie (pink T shirt) mando,Ellie/fiddle (my arch rival), and Collin /mandolin.

Well, Nick brought some Oreo cookies and Jake here decided to load up.
well this was the last day of the festival, and as a tradition all performers who are left get to play on stage together.

This is the day after the last day of the festival, starting from left to right, top to bottom:Sara, Emily,Nick,Me,Jamin,Jake,Kaiti,Cassie,Anna,Collin, Luke,Mailee,Murren,Iona,AND everybody's little favorite William(AKA tug boat).