Sunday, June 29, 2008

Let me see... Monologue? Poetry? A song perhaps?
I've got it! I shall do all of the three!

#1, Monologue:

Hello my dear reader, it is a privilege to have you visiting my corner of the world. Today is Sunday, therefore the annual practice of sleeping in late was far from neglected. At least by most... for at my first waking I...well...fell back to sleep. But later I got up and practiced my fiddle for an hour until I felt something both familiar and expected. It started as a small rumble but was drowned out by the lower vibrations of my violin. Then it increased into a ravenous craving. With all the endurance I could muster I resisted the temptation to cease my time of practice... But alas,vanity, vanity, all was vanity(says the musician).

#2, Poetry:

Blogging is a thing that as often as I can I try to carry through
to get exposure, to unleash my feelings and all of this upon you
but when the computer is off and the laptop shut,I begin my life anew
for every day is like a post which must pass the Lords review
-by me

#3, song writing:

In consideration of the simple fact that you cannot hear the tune, I am reluctant to in form you that this section will, for the present time, be neglected.

the end!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Abstract quote of the day

Ah spring!-Chris Thile

Yes...It's true... I am back!

Hello, hello, hello my friends!
I believe it has been far to long since last I encroached upon every ones Google readers, so here I am.
Today we went to the market in Grants Pass, 10-12:30. We all played two sets and then we went home. Daddy fixed the swamp cooler so that we do not have to get heat strokes every twenty minuet's.
So... In a couple of days ME and mama are going up to fossil bluegrass festival(JAKE IS GOING BE THERE!). However, on the fourth (the day before) I am performing with Emy Phelps band in Ashland! I auditioned for them a few weeks ago and they turned out to be some really amiable folks and let me join the band. The only draw back is that now I have to practice for Jakes CD, our family band and now this band as well. Not that it is a draw back in regard to pleasure for I love music.
So as Dawn rose from her bed, where she lay by haughty Tithonos, raising her rosy fingers above the horizon carrying light to the immortal gods and the mortals(Homer), or in more modern terms, at the crack a dawn(Kenny), I try to practice as much as possible of all three.
Well, by now you are probably tired of hearing about my so...wait a minuet, your on my blog to read about me.?.?... Never mind.

p.s. no questions about the pics.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Are you ready...
for the event of a lifetime?...
So grab your stroller and walk like... uh... David?

Quote of the day

"Hullo...what do we have here?"-C.S. Lewis

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Contemplation of an Infant

Oh the trials of life, that I daily face
and the strain of a world with a fast moving pace
and how my feet and hands have grown in size
I know that before to long from the floor I will rise

be kind to me while I am small
for soon I will be both strong and tall
then in the field's I will romp and play
but for now I must sit here and contemplate the day

The end!