Friday, February 20, 2009

New Blog!

SO very sorry I have not said this sooner, however, better late than never sooooo............................... I HAVE A NEW BLOG! Yah, whoopee, hoorah, bumboy, yahoo, Gmail?

It is to be found at,
So now you need to please change your link to my blog because otherwise 'not a soul of this sorry world of joy and sadness we live in, can have a hope of reaching my small corner civilization',(plus pictorial additions to the poems, verses, and long ramblings of no consequence to be found there).

Monday, January 26, 2009

Of Faith and Praise

oh blessed peace and serenity sure
that guides our eyes, helps us endure
like walking through a foreboding tomb
with Gods own Word to light the gloom

as one is laid to earthly rest
and tears flow free and non repressed
take not sorrow so much as joy in life
for one of God has escaped earths strife

weep, yes mourn for one so dear
the will of God is surely here
as Lazarus came forth from deaths door
we shall be made alive on the kingdoms shore

such an example my Godly aunt has portrayed
the trust of the Lord she hath not betrayed
thou good and faithful servant, that doth glorify thy Lord
keep your shield of faith around you and don't lay down the sword

-By Alex