Saturday, December 13, 2008


what is your favorite solo instrument? That is, what instrument would you be most satisfied listening to by itself?

On the twentieth of this month my mother and I will be going to Salem. I previously went with my best friend Jake Dewhirst to record a solo album he is recording. However a few of the solo's that he and I did where not up to the standards we had intended.
So now we are going back to the drawing board and finish the CD asap.
I am praying that all goes well because if not...
Well, here's a hint"$$$$$$$$$$$$$$",and"Big big big big".

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Aleksa said...

mm...I think my favorite, for just listening to on its own, is piano. Like kind of dreamy improv yet jazzy. But for soloing, like in the middle of a song, I like distorted guitar.It's funny I "play" the flute, but I don't like to listen to flute.

Destiny said...

Hmm... that's a hard question... very hard! I love listening to the "Hammered Dulcimer" "Piano" and "Penny Whistle" and the "Violin" alone... they all are so beautiful!

I can't wait to hear the CD you made with your friend Jake... I bet it'll be awesome! Oh, and you need to put that song you made with all the different fiddles playing... it was good!


Grandma of Many said...

Alex - of course you know this is hard for me to say since I have so many grandchildren playing so many instruments. I will say this. I love you playing the fiddle, Anna the Banjo and Penny Whistle, Collin the Mandolin, Cassie and the twins playing fiddle, Kaila, Kaleb, your Dad, Troy and you playing guitar, Will playing the spoons, your Mom playing fiddle and bass, David and Karissa playing piano, Emma playing Harp, Kolten playing Hammer Dulcimer,and all of you singing to the instruments. I hope I didn't forget anyone or any instrument. I can't wait to hear your CD also. Love, Grandma Dot

The Goldman Family said...

Ah! You forgot that I play Kazoo, and am fairly efficient at "lip popping","grin".